Link to Kristen Lamb’s blog

23 Nov

I don’t usually do links here but I think Kristen’s blog post deserves a wide audience.

It fits in with one of Holly’s early lessons in HTTS, and is a wonderful example of positive thinking.

I had to chuckle because I’d done a lot of the chores in the top half of Kristen’s list – and was far from feeling anything like gratitude 🙂 Having been offered a different perspective on what changing the sheets means (and washing clothes, doing the dishes), I felt a whole lot different about my morning’s work.

And I have some time to sit and revise my short story AND I am able to go to evening class tonight. My life seems suddenly richer. I need to print that list of Kristen’s and pin it up where I can see it — every day!

Hope you can find time to look through it and I hope it does for you what it did for me 🙂

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