Lesson 18 finished – sort of

11 Nov

This lesson is, like all the lessons, very clear about its objectives.

I started by re-reading the story as it was some time since I put it to one side. Great relief when I found it wasn’t as crap as I’d thought after finishing Lesson 17! I’d been so convinced that it was really crap – so a personal lesson to be learned there 🙂

It’s taken some time to go through the objectives and to modify the ms. I’m certain that this lesson is something which cannot be taken on board and learned in a day or a week; it’s something to work on a work at getting better at all the time I choose to write.

I find it a much easier task weighing up each word in a very short story of 2000 words or less. It’s easier to hold the whole thing in my head at once. So many authors, books, blog articles say how each word in the story must be there for a reason. Holly says this in her own way, and so much more besides! But I find it much more challenging going through a longer story and weighing up each word – not to mention all the other things Holly requires us to take into consideration.

Writing is easy. Writing well is far from easy. It takes time, hard work, attention to detail and that elusive creativeness to produce something which seems, when well done, to have been effortless 🙂

My guess is that as with most lessons, if I keep writing, my writing will get better.

What I really need, in the near future, is a crit group.

Have you got a crit group or crit partner? And if so, how did you find each other?

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