And…Lesson 17 at last!

22 Oct

I’ve been almost frothing at the mouth to this lesson!

Time is something I keep track of (usually) so after hurtling through Lesson 14, I quickly looked at flash forward/back thinking this wouldn’t be of use. How is it that whenever that thought goes through my mind, my Muse makes me eat my words? Suffice to say the first scene (introduces my MCs fiance-to-be who turns up towards the end of the story) which seemed ‘wrong’ but necessary is now a few scenes in, in a place which makes sense; and it makes the scene which follows much more powerful. Thanks Muse 🙂

Since I started revising – y’know actually changing words, cutting out paragraphs and rearranging them – Oh! the joy! The relief! I’ve waited weeks for this moment and am savouring it. And I feel happy. The feeling is a thread through the background of my life at present.

I’m excited too. That story, so beautiful when in my head and then looked so crap when it ended up on paper, is getting better, closer to that in my imagination. Yowzah! 😀

What stage of writing/revision have you got to? And how is it going?


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2 responses to “And…Lesson 17 at last!

  1. hollylisle (@hollylisle)

    November 9, 2011 at 5:13 pm

    ROFL on your muse making you eat your words. Last week I wrote an Afterword in which I noted I was done with the Arhel universe, that it was closed at three books.

    THIS week, my muse has been slamming me with Kaz and Vit novels (the other two major continents on the world that includes Arhel), and it was so freakin’ persistent I went in to amend the afterword, just to shut it up.

    And NOW I’m looking at all those ideas and thinking, “Maybe that’s what I’ll do after I finish the Cady series…”

    NEVER piss off your muse.

  2. Prue

    November 9, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    LOL! The never ending story of story-telling 🙂

    And that’s very good advice about never pissing off your muse. Thanks.
    Mine is a feisty lady – much feistier than me. She’s a muse with attitude and plenty of it so if I pissed her off, I’d probably come off very badly!


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