Lesson 14

15 Oct

I’m amazed at how much easier HTRYN is the second time through! Admittedly I’m revising a short, 7000 word story – but it’s not that. What I have this time through is an understanding of Holly’s concepts. What took a lot of time the first time through HTRYN was grappling with those concepts. Putting that effort in paid huge dividends then. It’s paying huge dividends now! Holly says the first revision using HTRYN is the worst. I would agree.

Time is important: my time as an author, readers’ time they are investing in my or anyone else’s novels.

This lesson deals with time within the novel and is fun to do 🙂 Even before I did this lesson the first time through HTRYN, I’d been thinking about time and had drawn a Timeline for my novel Mystery in Morocco. With a complex mystery plot and a number of characters who split up half-way through the book to go off and have their own adventures, a timeline was a necessity for my sanity. I twigged on this one when I had Dotty ride a camel over the High Atlas mountains to a town on the other side in an hour (it would take two or three in a car!) – and the camel was not, repeat NOT a magical camel 😀

So today I played…er…worked hard on Lesson 14 and carried out Holly’s instructions. Again, because I’m writing a short story, I didn’t think this exercise would do much. Again, I was proved wrong; I now have a good beginning where the reader is directly into the story AND I introduce my MCs fiance-to-be early on rather than at the beginning of the story which was, I have to admit, a tad boring.

Thanks Holly for such a great lesson. It’s worked beautifully again! 🙂

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