Surging on through to Lesson 9

03 Oct

I’m revising a short story, aroung 7000 words. The first time I went through HTRYN was for a wrecked NaNoWriMo novel which had had no planning at all.

This short story arose from Holly Lisle’s How To Think Sideways course – so it was thought about, planned and taken through most of that course first.

Hence HTRYN on this baby seems a doddle. It still requires a lot of thought but the going is easier and quicker than last time. And I’m finding that delightful.

I’ve made a lot of notes about things which could be changed – small details rather than large ripping-the-story-into-bits-and-reassembling details. So I’ve whisked through the lessons and have just finished Lesson 9, Needs and Musts.

Next comes Lesson 10, The Monastery. I don’t want to influence myself but I feel that there won’t be any huge changes or even startling surprises. Except for one scene which kind of doesn’t fit right now, the rest seems solid and as pure as the note from a good quality glass when you flick it with your finger. Pure and true.

Watch this space next week to find out if I was right 🙂

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