Sweet Spot Map

25 Sep

This gem comes from How To Think Sideways,  one of Holly Lisle’s online writing courses

My map features running water – waterfalls, brooks, streams, mist. I thought I’d done a really good map and yet…

Now that I’m going through the revision – using Holly’s course, How To Revise Your Novel – of my short story, I’m finding a lot more water 🙂 So perhaps time to revisit my map and add to it.

About water: In the novel it acts as a barrier, it’s life-giving, it’s also life-threatening as it’s possible to drown if you cannot swim. Water is wet, and what is wet needs to be dried. Rain is water, so are tears – of sorrow and of joy.

There is so much about water in this story that I’m amazed how it all crept in without my realising 😀

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