September and HTRYN

16 Sep

The latest curve-ball thrown by life is the large tree in the front garden. Part of it has died and bits breaking off. The tree surgeon came, then discussions with neighbours followed and that was a whole morning gone.

Well, ok, the neighbours are new and I haven’t had much chance to chat so it wasn’t all about the tree 🙂

So, here and there, in between proof-reading a thesis and something for the Parish Council, I got to do some revsion of ‘Will Ye No Come Back Again’ – the short story I wrote this year.

Revising a short story is much easier than a novel in that I can hold all the plot in my head at once.

I’ve finished looking at the plot and mostly there are no holes that I can see! Whoop! Whoop!

I’m now onto Lesson 5 of Holly Lisle’s ‘How To Revise Your Novel’ and working on the conflict.

All the time I’m working, I’m understanding the story and characters better and better. The feeling of quiet excitement and what I can only describe as joy, are present in the background.

I hope if you’re writing then you can feel buoyed up by the process of your work. How’s it going?

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